Women and Average Penis Size

Penis size is a very sensitive topic for many men. Probably every man has asked himself at least once (if not all the time) whether his penis is big enough. And probably every man would like to know the real truth - does size really matter and particularly do women care about penis size?

How to measure penis size?

Men tend to compare themselves to others in order to determine whether their penis size is considered normal. The trouble of comparing, however, comes from the fact that measuring your penis is a lot more complicated than it seems. It is not uncommon for men to measure their penis and think, "This can't be accurate, my penis is much bigger!" and re-measure again till they get the length they desire.

So how do you measure penis size?

Stimulate yourself using the method of your choice to achieve full hardness. Place the end of the ruler marked with "0" at the base of your erect penis (where the top of your penis joins to your torso). Lay the ruler along the top of your penis (do not press it into your belly) and count to the quarter-inch measurement that is nearest to the tip of your penis. Use a tape measure instead of a regular ruler if you have a penile curvature in any direction in order to be able to follow the curve of your penis and measure it properly.

What is the average penis size?

As a result of using incorrect techniques and common confusion when it comes to penis measurement, there is a lot of worthless research on penis size. So what is really the truth about normal penis size?

The average penis size (measured properly from the tip of the penis head to the belly) is five to seven inches when erect.

Different studies include different results which makes determining a single average penis size difficult. Moreover, it is commonly believed that men who are willing to participate in studies about penis size generally have penises that are larger than average, which of course leads to skewing the results.

Does penis size matter?

The answer is yes, this is a fact - penis size matters. While it may be true that there is nothing wrong about having an average or even small penis size, it is also true that there are millions of other men and women who want something more. The desire for a bigger penis is a social phenomenon that seems to exist not only across age ranges or sex types, but also in a wide variety of different cultures all over the world.

Does penis size really matter to women?

A survey (one of the many) carried out among women between the ages of 19-49 asked the participants whether penis size matters. The results were as follows:

  • About 20% of the women said that penis size was very important.
  • About 60% of the women said that penis size was somewhat important.
  • About 20% of the women said that penis size did not matter.

So if you ask whether women care about penis size, the answer will be yes. Yet again, would it matter if they didn't care but you still didn't feel comfortable about your penis size? If you feel insecure about your "manhood" this will affect mostly your sexual life as well as how you act and behave. That is reason enough to do something about it.

What women say about penis size?

We conducted an anonymous survey to find out what women really think about penis size. Women of different age and social status, who preserved their anonymity, answered our questions and told us about their views. Here are just a few of them:

  • Julia Houston, 28, a successful lawyer, single
  • Rosa Gomez, 23, a student, single
  • Miranda Addison, 34, an accountant, married
  • Helen Grey, 26, flight attendant, single

Q. Do you like penises or you are repulsed by them?

J: I do like them, yes. There is something powerful about a hard big penis.

R: They are a bit ugly but also attractive. Funny, I never thought about it.

M: I can't say I like how penises look but I am definitely not repulsed by them.

H: Well, there is a big difference between small and large penises. Small penises can be really repulsive.

Q. Do penises and particularly penis size matter for sex life?

J: Of course yes! It really turns me on to be taken charge of a real man who is confident about himself. Unfortunately not every man possesses the right size package for such confidence.

R: Size is not everything but it is important.

M: I never thought it did but it turned out I was wrong. I considered my husband's penis normal - definitely not small and also not large, but he was just not comfortable about his penis size and this reflected on our sex life. He finally took things in his hands and started some penis enlargement program. I was really skeptic at first but I was surprised by the fantastic change in our sexual activities once he resumed his confidence.

H: Penis size is actually important to me, so yes, size does matter at least for my own sex life.

Q. What do you consider an average penis size?

J: Well, I'd say the average size for me is about 7 inches, which may be considered large by some other women. But I can't really see why some men deliberately categorize themselves as being average. Who wants to be average anyway?

R: That's a tough question. I've never personally measured one. I guess anything smaller than 4 inches would be too small for me.

M: I guess I haven't seen that many penises to say what size is the average penis size. But I think about 6 inches is normal to me.

H: From my personal experience I'd say that 6-7 inches is the average size.

Q. Have you ever had great sex with a man who didn't have a particularly large penis?

J: Good, yes. Great ... I wouldn't use that word. In my experience men who have larger penises do make greater lovers. Of course, it matters what you do with it, but sex with a large penis for me is greater and leaves a more lasting impression. Large men possess a higher level of confidence, which by itself is much more of a turn on.

R: I've had some good experience but nothing special. I did have sex once with a guy who had a particularly small penis though. He was good looking, an attentive lover, but when it was over I ended satisfying myself in the bathroom. So I guess great sex is possible with a normal penis, but I am not sure about the particularly small ones.

M: I have been satisfied by a man with a normal penis. But I should add that there is a huge difference when a man is confident of his penis size.

H: I have had some nice experiences with some average men, but not many. I personally want and need more.

Q. What is the ideal penis size for you?

J: About 8 inches - perfection!

R: Any normal penis size if the man really knows how to use it.

M: I guess girth is a more important factor to me than length. 6 inches in circumference would be ideal for me.

H: 7 inches long, accompanied by a good large girth.

So there you go, now you know what women say about penis size.

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