Penis Enlargement Scams

Many penis enlargement programs and products claim to be the one true solution to a bigger penis. Unfortunately, the Internet is full of websites that will not only rob you of your money without providing the results they promise but also put your health in jeopardy.

What is Considered Penis Enlargement Scam?

Unrealistic promises of quick or even instant results, websites advertising low quality products and filled with fake pictures and testimonials, companies claiming that they offer the only true penis enlargement product and renouncing every other legitimate method of enlargement – these are all considered penis enlargement scams.

Unfortunately, as a result of the increasing success and popularity of the penis enlargement industry there has been a burst of scammers into the penis enlargement market. There are hundreds of scam sites on the web that will only take your money but never provide you with the promised results. Therefore, before you try any of the numerous penis enlargement products on the market, educate yourself in order to know the facts and beware of false enlargement techniques.

How to Avoid Penis Enlargement Scams

For legal reasons we cannot list all the companies that we have found to offer “less than perfect” systems. And yet, we have done a serious research and provided you with a sort of a gauge for distinguishing scams from reliable penis enlargement methods – ratings of the best enlargement products based on users' experience. Hopefully, by utilizing such ratings, you will be able to determine on your own who offers quality programs.

Here are some additional tips below that can help you avoid scam when purchasing a penis enlargement product.

Tip #1 – Go with a well established and respected company.

Purchase products only from well established companies that have a successful track record of pleased and satisfied clients who have provided real testimonials to the particular product’s effectiveness. Check how long the company has been selling its program or product. There are many sites that claim they have been online for years but in reality turn to be a few months old. In our comparison charts we have given each site a “reputation” rating. We link this to how long the site has been selling its program or product and what is the feedback we have received about it. Sites like ProSolutionPills have good reputations and represent highly establishing companies.

Tip #2 – Go with companies that supply ongoing support.

Every reputable penis enlargement company should provide you with ongoing support so that you can be sure you are using their system or product appropriately, and be confident that whenever you have any questions (for example what the delivery time is) you will be answered. If the company does not provide any customer assistance then do not use it – it is probably a scam. Generally, the sites with the best support are those that provide the results they promise.

Tip #3 – Avoid sites that are not professionally built.

Purchase products only from professionally designed websites, which do not look like amateur made on some guy’s home computer.

Tip #4 – Avoid sites with too long URLS.

Avoid sites with URLs that seem designed to include every “penis enlargement” related word, for example . Such companies (or more likely individuals) are just aiming to get higher listings in search engines in order to make fast cash instead of providing an effective and safe product.

Tip #5 – Avoid sites with copy-and-paste testimonials.

Have you seen testimonials with exactly the same text on other sites? Then this site cannot be trusted. If the feedback and testimonials of a website is copied from another site, then their program or product is probably just another penis enlargement scam. If it really worked, would copying other site’s testimonials be needed?

Tip #6 – Avoid companies that spam.

Unsolicited email is illegal. Therefore you should not trust companies that use spam to advertise their products since no reputable company would choose to advertise this way.

Tip #7 - Avoid products with low grade or not listed ingredients.

Are all ingredients of the product clearly listed? Are they high quality ingredients? Any genuine company should list the ingredients used in the pills they sell. If they don’t, you have every right to assume that there is something wrong. If the quality of the ingredients is very poor or there is an ingredient you are allergic to, such products can pose serious health risks. Let alone, that the pill may turn out to be a placebo.

Finally, YOU are the only one who can protect you from penis enlargement scams. Use your own judgment. Trust only reputable sites and do your research before you choose a product to purchase. Hopefully our reviews and comparison charts at PenisHints will help you make a better and well-informed buying decision.

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