What to do if My Penis is Nine Inches

Many men would give anything to fulfill their dream of having a nine-inch penis. The common perception is that with such a big package the world of sex is all yours for the taking. And why wouldn't it be? Isn't the goal of having a 9 inch penis the reason why the penis enlargement industry is flourishing?

Well, having a penis size of nine inches does not always mean that you can sit back and enjoy your glory. Most of the time your huge penis will evoke delight on women's faces but many of them will also recoil in shock from its impressive size. The last is especially true for women who haven't had the pleasure of such an encounter before; they will usually worry that your 9 inches may be too much for them and consequently sex would rather be a painful ride than a pleasure cruise.

So what to do if your penis is 9 inches or more?

First, don't jump her. Your penis would most likely cause both arousal and fear and probably also a little bit of curiosity how it would feel. So what you should do is take it slowly. Don't feed her fears that anything might turn wrong. And most of all do not skip foreplay. In this case foreplay is your best friend - it is the only way to push her past fear and into sexual pleasure.

Second, do not penetrate into her all at once. It will surely hurt her, even if the last time she was tight was a long time ago. Take it slow and try to slide only your head at first. Keep that slow pace until her body naturally adjusts to your large penis and she is ready and able to take it all in. And remember, slamming at full tilt from the beginning is not something that will be pleasurable or appreciated.

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