Penis Size Matters

Tips for Men with Small Penis

Most men experience anxiety about their penis size. For men with smaller penises this concern may lead to avoidance of sexual activities. Here are some tips for men who struggle with the problem of a small penis.

Condoms and Penis Size

Nowadays, condoms are widely used to prevent the spread of STDs and as an effective means of avoiding an unwanted pregnancy. However, there are still men who are not sure what is the best condom size for them.

Keeping Track of Penis Size

Enlarging your penis size is a task that requires a lot of determination and patience. You need to keep track of your penis size in order to see whether you make any progress.

Steroids and Penis Size

Steroids require a prescription for the various medical purposes they are used for. Their misuse leads to a number of side effects.

How Penis Size Affects Men's Ego

Nowadays, even the most conservative men are willing to perform great in bed and consider penis size an important factor to do that. Failing to live up to their own expectation may hurt significantly men’s ego.

Does Diet Affect Penis Size?

Food is not only a way to deliver yourself pleasure from having fine meals every day. It is your biggest aid in keeping your body and penis fit and healthy.

What Is the Perfect Penis Size?

Generally, it doesn’t really matter what other people consider the perfect penis size as long as you and your partner are perfectly satisfied with the size of your penis. What is the penis size women generally regard as “perfect”?

Is Penis Size Related to Height

One of the oldest myths about the penis size is that there is a link between height and penis length. Penis length is hard to be sized up without direct observation, therefore different myths have sprung up.

When Is a Big Penis Too Big?

It is a really rare event to hear a man complaining that his penis is too big. Most of the times men are just not satisfied with their penis size and don’t think that their penis is big enough.

The Reflection of a Bigger Penis

One of the greatest factors men’s confidence depends on is the size of their penis. Generally a bigger penis will always reflect positively on a man’s confidence.

The Varying Flaccid Penis Sizes

The days men dedicate to measuring their penis size can be either rewarding or disappointing and this doesn’t necessarily depend on the effectiveness of the program they are following, especially when measuring flaccid penis size.

What Is Defined as a Micropenis?

Micropenis is a medical term that is referred to a penis that is unusually small in size. This is not the only definition for a micropenis and other definitions are also used by some doctors.

What to do if My Penis is Nine Inches

Many men would give anything to fulfill their dream of having a nine-inch penis. The common perception is that with such a big package the world of sex is all yours for the taking.

What to do if My Penis is Less Than 5 Inches?

A penis size that is less than 5 inches is not an unsolvable problem any more. There are many solutions and you just have to put all the embarrassment aside and start using the simple tricks to offset this drawback.

The Importance of Penis Girth

Generally, most men focus mainly on adding extra inches to their penis length and disregard the girth of their penises. However, it takes both to please a woman and failing to realize that will not bring you any good.

A Bigger Head or a Bigger Base

When it comes to penis size most people would say that size matters. But which is better – a bigger penis head or a bigger base of the penis?

Who Has the Biggest Penis in the World?

Penis size has always been considered important by men. Therefore, it is easy to understand why so many men would like to know who has the biggest penis in the world.

Average Penis Size Statistics by Age, by Race and by Country

Penis size is probably the greatest cause of anxiety for men from all ages. Here is the penis size statistics, provided by different surveys and researches that can show you what the average penis size is by age, by country or even by race.

What is the Average Penis Size?

Determining what the average penis size is, is a lot more complicated than you may think, mainly because of the many illegitimate studies and oftentimes the lack of knowledge how to measure penis size correctly. So what is the average penis size?

Does Penis Size Matter to Women?

The anxiety about the size or the look of their penis is common to all men at some point of their life. And almost every man has measured his penis at least once. But is penis size really that important to women?

Women Talking about Penis Size

What do women really think about penis size? Do women care about penis size? Here is the story of Lara Miller, 28, who speaks openly about the subject.

Penis Size Survey

All men (with very few exceptions) would like to know how they measure up and whether their penis is average size or not.

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