Penis Enlargement Jelqing Techniques Instructions

Below you can learn some free jelqing techniques for penis enlargement.

"Wet Milking" Jelqing Technique

In order to perform this jelq exercise you need to use a lubricant (hence its name "wet"). It is a relatively simple but effective jelqing technique.

  1. Make an "OK" sign using the thumb and index finger of either one of your hands.
  2. Start as close to your scrotum as possible and squeeze your penis shaft.
  3. Slowly start pulling (milking/jelqing) towards the head (glans) of your penis. That movement should take about 2 or 3 seconds.
  4. Stop right after you reach your penis head, and immediately repeat that same movement with your other hand.
  5. Continue "wet milking" for about 5 minutes.

"Dry Milking" Jelq Technique

This jelq exercise is similar to the "wet milking", but has some advantages such as less time needed for preparation and cleanup, and less sexual stimulation. It is performed without the lubrication and without sliding your fingers over the skin.

  1. Make the "OK" sign again with your thumb and forefinger.
  2. Start pulling the base and after a while continue with the middle of your penis shaft. You can squeeze the skin, pull it, but you should not slide your fingers over it.

Take a day or two off if your penis gets sore.

"Uli Stretch" Penis Enlargement Jelqing Exercise

  1. Make an "OK" sign using the thumb and index finger of either one of your hands.
  2. Instead of pulling, this jelqing technique consists in squeezing and twisting along the penis shaft with the help of your fingers and the ring that they form.

The jelqing instructions for this penis enlargement exercise could be presented shortly by: squeeze, pull and hold.

"Double Forced" Jelq Exercise with a "Bend"

Note that this jelqing technique is for more advanced users. By the time you turn to this particular enlargement exercise you should be very comfortable with you jelq exercise routine. This jelq exercise adds more intensity to the basic jelqing techniques.

  1. Start a normal jelq from the base of the penis with one of your hands.
  2. Slowly start pulling (milking/jelqing) about an inch up and start another jelq with your other hand from the base of the penis while still trapping the blood from the first jelq with your first hand.
  3. Continue the first jelq without moving the second hand.
  4. As soon as you reach your penis head (the glans) use your hand (the one you started with) to deliberately slightly bend forward against the hand that is supporting the base.

"C Jelq" Penis Enlargement Exercise

C-Jelqs are for further advanced users who have already realized some gains but would like to get even bigger. Proceed with such advanced techniques with extreme caution.

This jelqing technique works separately on each side of the Corpora Cavernosa. It takes some time to get used to and be comfortable with this jelq exercise.

  1. Jelq in a "C" motion (slightly bending your penis) to the left, keeping your other hand at the base of your penis for support.
  2. When the jelqing hand reaches the penis head, open it and use its palm to slightly bend further in the same direction. During that time, your other hand is still at the base, supporting the bend.
  3. Repeat the same motion with the other hand in the opposite direction (to the right).

There are many other penis enlargement jelqing techniques. When reading these, keep in mind that they are intended for overview purposes only. If you are interested in any of the above jelq techniques you should review more detailed jelq instructions, jelq videos and jelq pictures before starting any jelqing exercise program.

Additionally, take a look at our comparison charts to see which natural penis exercise program is rated by our users as most effective.

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