Does a Penis Enlargement Pump Work?

The answer to this question is yes... and no. It depends on what you use the penis pump for.

Penis pumping can absolutely make your penis bigger, but the result is only temporary. They work by creating a vacuum effect which draws blood into the penis. Subsequently this causes an erection. Bearing in mind that an erected penis is bigger than a flaccid penis, it can be stated that penis pumps increase penis size. However, this statement is only true while the pump is on the penis. And this is not exactly the effect you are looking for.

Basically, penis pumps have two different applications:

Penis vacuum pumps are used to help men with erectile dysfunction to achieve and maintain an erection.

This is probably the only medically endorsed use of penis pumps.

The plastic cylinder of the vacuum pump is placed over the penis and then the air is withdrawn from the cylinder. This creates a vacuum and draws blood into the penis, making it rigid. Once the penis is rigid enough, an elasticized band (also called a "tension ring") is slipped off the cylinder and applied to the base of the penis in order to prevent blood from flowing back into the body. The cylinder is then removed and the band can be safely left on the penis for about 30 minutes to maintain the erection during intercourse.

These vacuum erection devices provide a drug-free treatment for male impotence. So if you ask whether penis pumps work for getting and maintaining erection - the answer will be "yes".

Penis enlargement pumps can also be used to temporarily increase the maximum size of the erect penis.

However, the efficacy of penis enlargement pumps at increasing your penis size is very hard to determine. Temporary increases in size are indeed documented, but there is no proof of any real long-term benefits.

On theory the increased blood flow into the penis, caused by penis pumps, should result in better circulation and consequently in greater erection. That enlargement effect however is not permanent and disappears quickly once pumping ceases.

There is another theory claiming that penis enlargement can be achieved with the regular use of penis pumps because the body will naturally try to adapt to the extra stress which will trigger the penis's growth function. However there is no real evidence that penis pumps work, not to mention that they could be really harmful.

So if you ask whether penis pumps work as a penis enlargement method, we could only advise you not to waste your money on them. Try any of the more effective and safe methods for penis enlargement.

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