How to Measure Your Penis Size Correctly

Most men have a certain perception about their penis and often guess its size. The trouble, however, comes when they take the ruler, measure their penis and get unpleasantly surprised by the exact number they see. Very often, the common reaction is,"this can't be, I am much bigger than that!" and subsequent frustration that can ruin not only your day but also your confidence. Too often the simple reason for the unsatisfactory ruler's reading is the lack of knowledge how to measure the size of a penis correctly.

There is a common confusion when it comes to measuring penis size and one of the results is a lot of worthless average penis size research.

So how do you measure your penis size correctly?

How to Measure the Length of a Penis

measure penis length
  1. First, you need to achieve full hardness.
  2. Take a ruler and place its end marked with "0" at the base of your hard penis (the place where the top of your penis connects to your torso). Lay the ruler gently along the top of your penis, without pressing it into your belly.
  3. Mark on the ruler the point where the tip on your penis is and count to the nearest to that point quarter-inch measurement.

You can write the result if you want, now you know the exact length of your penis. If you have a penile curvature, it may be a good idea to use a tape measure and not a regular ruler so that you will be able to follow your penis curve and measure properly your penis size.

How to Measure the Penis Girth

measuring penis girth
  1. Again, you need to achieve full hardness first.
  2. Take a measuring tape, starting with the end marked with "0", and wrap it around your penis somewhere in the middle of the penis shaft.
  3. Mark on the tape the point where it meets again and count as before.

The result you get is your penis circumference. If you have that type of a penis that is sometimes called a "mushroom head", you can measure your penis head too.

Now that you know how to measure your penis size correctly, you can see how you measure up compared to the average penis size. Don't worry if the number you got is not what you expected. You know the exact size of your penis and if you are not happy with it, you have your options to do something about it.

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