Increase Semen Volume and Semen Production

Increasing your semen volume can affect different aspects of your sexuality and you may benefit from the increased semen production for the following reasons:

Increased Semen Production Improves Fertility

Sperm count is a very important factor in semen production and male fertility. Normally, there are over 50 million sperms in an ejaculate and this large amount is essential in order to fertilize an egg. Less than that amount (a sperm count below 40 million) may be a sign of decreased fertility.

When you increase semen production, that is the sperm that is produced every time you ejaculate, you also increase your fertility. If you want to have children and you are trying to conceive one, your sperm count is vital for your success as well as your sperm condition.

Increase Orgasm Strength while Increasing Semen Volume

The herbal supplement men take in their attempt to produce more ejaculate fluid have additional benefits one of which is increased strength of orgasms. In addition to that, pc exercises, known to have positive effect on the semen volume, greatly increase the force with which sperm is ejaculated, thus making orgasms more intense.

Produce More Semen in order to Enjoy Sex More

Many men find it extremely pleasurable when their penis pumps greater amount of semen simply because the larger amount of semen ejaculated during an orgasm can really prolong the orgasm experience. When the pleasurable pumping feeling and orgasm extends for a longer time the pleasure is improved for both partners.

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